Is respect transactional? What if someone doesn’t deserve my respect, based on my experiences with them?

Does all respect have to be earned? Or is there always an expected level of respect when meeting or working with someone?

When we feel disrespected, the common reaction is to respond in kind. We think this person doesn’t have respect for me so why should I have respect for them.

In a work environment, there is a minimum level of respect expected at all times – some would call this civility. I may not want to be your friend, or even friendly, but I have to respect you.

Easier said than done, at times.


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Did you know that the following common behaviors could be considered sexual harassment?

**NOTE: Sexual harassment can be described as any behavior/language,

that is sexual in nature,

that can reasonably be understood as unwelcome by someone in the context.


Here are a few everyday behaviors to avoid in 2019:

  • Rating another person on an attractiveness scale (“she’s a 10”).
    • Why?  By doing so, you are actually discussing a person’s physical appearance with romantic undertones, which adds up to comments of a sexual nature.

  • Discussing the nature of one’s personal life with references to sexual activity.
    • Why?  You are referring to (personal) sexual activity while in the work context.

  • Sharing sexually inappropriate photos/videos/emails with colleagues.
    • Why?  Content of a sexual nature has entered what should be a neutral, sex-free environment for work or study.

  • Using terms of endearment (honey, dear, sweetie, etc).
    • Why?  Terms of endearment denote affection toward another person. This affection can reasonably be perceived as romantic in nature, and even sexual when taken to certain extremes. Best to avoid the negative perception.



It’s always about IMPACT OVER INTENT.

As soon as comments/actions of a sexual nature become unwelcome by someone in the work context, the behavior falls into the sexual harassment bucket and becomes actionable.


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