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Managing emotions webinar (anger management)

Webinar Registration - Managing Emotions (CA)

The training is based on the philosophy that personal growth comes when we take ownership of and set boundaries on our behavior. In addition, relationships work best when individuals focus on the impact of their behavior rather than intent.

The workshop will give the attendee some practical tools and techniques that will improve their ability to manage and express their emotions in a way that:

  • recognizes the power of emotions to create a hostile environment;
  • discerns (detects with the senses) the emotional boundaries (property line) of others;
  • reflects a professional persona.


Customer Service: The big 5 competencies

The common denominator in any organizational community is RELATIONSHIPS. The workshop will give you some practical tools and techniques that will help you improve your ability to build relationships with customers using the big 5 competencies. 

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Professional Boundaries - Webinar & Self-study

Professional Boundaries Webinar Registration (CA)  |   Professional Boundaries Self-Study Registration (CA)  

We use a 4-plus-1 competency-based framework to define the skills, behaviors, and attitudes of people who honor professional boundaries.

Four features of the framework are ideal behaviors and traits of an individual working in a team context. The additional competency is unique to your organizational context and role. It is a skill, behavior, or attitude that would help you to be a part of or create a community that works effectively to achieve the overall goals and values of your organization.

Course objectives

  • Encourage virtuous behavior in public spaces by helping you to pay strict attention to professional boundaries;
  • Instill and/or renew a higher level of commitment to adhere to professional standards in lean and rich communication channels;
  • Defend your personal and collective image, identity, and reputation by focusing on impact and not intent.

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