Sensitivity Training: Webinar

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"The assignments and discussions help participants take ownership of their responsibility to honor boundaries in private and public spaces."

The course is tailored for individuals who desire to improve their ability to build relationships in the context of gender and ethnic diversity. The content is tailored to your organization's requirements. We use a 4-plus-1 competency framework to help participants identify and practice the skills, behaviors, and attitudes of individuals who honor boundaries in public and private spaces. Read more...


Formation Sensibilité

Le cours est conçu pour les professionnels qui souhaitent améliorer leur capacité à établir des relations dans le contexte de la diversité des sexes et des ethnies. Le contenu est adapté aux besoins de votre organisation. Pour accéder une démonstration, cliquez ici >> Lire la suite...

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Sensitivity Training: Self-study

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Cours en linge

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Sensitivity Training: in Class/en Classe

Sensitivity Training: Valuing Confidentiality and Patient Boundaries

The customized one-on-one 5-hour instructor led webinar will help participants build their inclination to make good faith choices when dealing with the information of those in care and to be consistently respectful of boundaries.


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Racial Sensitivity: Webinar

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The course should be understood in the context of business ethics or corporate decency both philosophically and practically.

The pull of the status quo should never be underestimated both in its benefits and costs. Racial sensitivity questions the status quo and supports the pursuit of organizational decency. Racial sensitivity is not an anathema to the freedom to pursue the greatest good for the greatest number.

The pursuit of profit can be connected with the pursuit of decency where decency means removing the limiting beliefs and values that hinder the benefits of diversity - innovation and the capacity to speak authentically to a wider market. The mini-course is delivered as a 60-minute and 120-minute interactive webinar and is available as a self-study or an in-house trainer format. MORE...

Sexual Harassment Training: Webinar/Self-study

The two hour session is offered as a webinar and self-study course. The course is also available in a 5-hour format and can be tailored to meet the needs of prescribed professional learning or remediation mandated by a standards body.

The course is inquiry-driven in order to spur engagement with the content. A key inquiry question for participants is as follows: "How could the concept of boundaries help me create a more respectful, professional and inclusive environment?"


Formation Sensibilité est conçu pour les professionnels qui souhaitent améliorer leur capacité à établir des relations dans le contexte de la diversité des sexes et des ethnies. Le contenu est adapté aux besoins de votre organisation

Dans votre secteur d'activité, les relations peuvent être un atout ou une sérieuse responsabilité. Les employés qui sont insensibles ou abusifs envers les autres peuvent devenir un fardeau important pour votre organisation. Un traitement proactif peut transformer une responsabilité potentielle en un actif de haute performance.

Pensez à utiliser le cours de formation en diversité et sensibilité en ligne dans le cadre d'une offre d'emploi conditionnelle ou d'une partie de votre orientation pour les nouveaux dirigeants.

Cliquez ici pour voir l'introduction à l'exemple d'auto-apprentissage de la formation de sensibilité. Contactez-nous pour le prix et l'accès au cours en ligne complet. Le contenu peut être adapté pour répondre à vos besoins spécifiques.

Il est offert en trois formats : en classe, webinaire et auto-apprentissage.

Apprentissage en ligne

Nous offrons un produit de qualité qui est conçu pour engager l'apprenant dans le processus de réflexion. Les devoirs et les discussions sont conçus pour aider les participants à prendre en main leur responsabilité quant à faire de leur lieu de travail un endroit idéal.

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Managing emotions webinar (anger management)

Webinar Registration - Managing Emotions

The training is based on the philosophy that personal growth comes when we take ownership of and set boundaries on our behavior. In addition, relationships work best when individuals focus on the impact of their behavior rather than intent.

The workshop will give the attendee some practical tools and techniques that will improve their ability to manage and express their emotions in a way that:

  • recognizes the power of emotions to create a hostile environment;
  • discerns (detects with the senses) the emotional boundaries (property line) of others;
  • reflects a professional persona.


Customer Service:
The big 5 competencies

The common denominator in any organizational community is RELATIONSHIPS. The workshop will give you some practical tools and techniques that will help you improve your ability to build relationships with customers using the big 5 competencies.

Read more..

Professional Boundaries - Webinar & Self-study

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We use a 4-plus-1 competency-based framework to define the skills, behaviors, and attitudes of people who honor professional boundaries.

Four features of the framework are ideal behaviors and traits of an individual working in a team context. The additional competency is unique to your organizational context and role. It is a skill, behavior, or attitude that would help you to be a part of or create a community that works effectively to achieve the overall goals and values of your organization.

Course objectives

  • Encourage virtuous behavior in public spaces by helping you to pay strict attention to professional boundaries;
  • Instill and/or renew a higher level of commitment to adhere to professional standards in lean and rich communication channels;
  • Defend your personal and collective image, identity, and reputation by focusing on impact and not intent.

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