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Breakview Training specializes in providing solutions to critical business issues through a variety of learning workshops. The company was founded in November 1999. Its first offering was a course called Run Better Meetings. The success of the course led to the development of an offshoot course called Facilitation Skills Training in 2002.

In mid 2003, Breakview developed its Sensitivity Training workshop as a result of an associate's request to initiate Human Rights Training for a local chapter of an international association. Working in cooperation with a gender-equity specialist, the company developed a dynamic, half-day training course that later evolved into a full-day public workshop.

All courses offered by Breakview build on the company's core competence of relationship management theory and process tools. The company's training workshops are based on the philosophy that the common denominator in any organizational community is RELATIONSHIPS.

We now offer a more inexpensive way for US and Canadian clients to acquire mandated civil and human rights training. Courses are delivered in a self-study and instructor led format via the web. The self-study program can be done at your convenience. Participants in the online format are never left on their own and have access to a qualified facilitator at all times.


Charles Gordon holds an MBA from the University of Toronto and is a licensed teacher. Mr. Gordon has taught the course for the last 12 years to a range of industry sectors for participants at various levels of management.  


Elsa Nesbit holds a MA in Linguistics from California State University, Long Beach. Her research focused on the perpetuation of subtle discriminatory language against the homosexual community and women currently masked as Western masculinity. 


Joseph Mikac has worked with Breakview for over 5 years. He holds a BA in Communication specializing in Human Resources Management from the University of Waterloo.


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