Sensitivity Training: Webinar

Duration: 5 hours   Cost: $450

"The assignments and discussions help participants take ownership of their responsibility to honor boundaries in private and public spaces."

The course is tailored for individuals who desire to improve their ability to build relationships in the context of gender and ethnic diversity. The content is tailored to your organization's requirements. We use a 4-plus-1 competency framework to help participants identify and practice the skills, behaviors, and attitudes of individuals who honor boundaries in public and private spaces. Read more...

Valuing Confidentiality and Patient Boundaries: Webinar

Duration: 5 hours    Cost: $450

The customized one-on-one 5-hour instructor led webinar will help participants build their inclination to make good faith choices when dealing with the information of those in care and to be consistently respectful of boundaries. Read more...

Professional Boundaries - Webinar & Self-study

Duration: 3 hours     Cost: $450

Racial Sensitivity: Webinar



  • Certificate of completion
  • Live facilitator 



  • Certificate of completion
  • Live facilitator
  • Reporting of the session with next steps

The course should be understood in the context of business ethics or corporate decency both philosophically and practically.

The pull of the status quo should never be underestimated both in its benefits and costs. Racial sensitivity questions the status quo and supports the pursuit of organizational decency. Racial sensitivity is not an anathema to the freedom to pursue the greatest good for the greatest number.

The pursuit of profit can be connected with the pursuit of decency where decency means removing the limiting beliefs and values that hinder the benefits of diversity - innovation and the capacity to speak authentically to a wider market. The mini-course is delivered as a 60-minute and 120-minute interactive webinar and is available as a self-study or an in-house trainer format. Read More...

Sexual Harassment Training: Webinar/Self-study



  • 3 hours of course work
  • Certificate of completion
  • Asynchronous facilitator feedback
  • Gradebook available on request



  • 2 hours
  • Certificate of completion
  • Live facilitator (1-on-1 or Group)
  • Reporting of the session



  • 5 hours
  • Certificate of completion
  • Live facilitator (1-on-1 )
  • Reporting of the session
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Managing Emotions: Webinar (anger management)

Duration: 3.5 hours     Cost: $375

Webinar Registration - Managing Emotions

The training is based on the philosophy that personal growth comes when we take ownership of and set boundaries on our behavior. In addition, relationships work best when individuals focus on the impact of their behavior rather than intent.

The workshop will give the attendee some practical tools and techniques that will improve their ability to manage and express their emotions in a way that:

  • recognizes the power of emotions to create a hostile environment;
  • discerns (detects with the senses) the emotional boundaries (property line) of others;
  • reflects a professional persona.


Sensitivity: in Class

Duration: 7 hours    Cost: Starting at $575

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Halifax
  • London
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa / Montreal
  • Regina / Winnipeg
  • Vancouver

The common denominator in any organizational community is RELATIONSHIPS. The workshop will give you some practical tools and techniques that will help you improve your ability to build relationships with customers using the big 5 competencies.

Sexual Decision Making

Duration: 2 hours    Cost: $175

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Consent: Making Informed Choices

The 2-hour webinar consists of 6 interactive lessons based on an inquiry model for learning.

The course can be tailored and augmented to meet the needs of prescribed professional learning or remediation mandated by a standards body.

Confidentiality Training: Webinar

Duration: 1.5 hours     Cost: Contact us

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The goal of the course is to help prepare participants to handle confidential and sensitive information and understand their obligation to protect the privacy of the company’s customers in all aspects. As well, attendees will commit to engaging in respectful communication when it comes to their interactions with customers and clients.

The instructor led webinar is a 1.5‐hour course. The session is scheduled at your convenience. 

The success of the program is driven by our focus on requiring participants to commit to taking ownership of their attitude and behavior with respect to customer privacy.  


Sensitivity Training: Self-study / Cours en linge

Duration: 4 to 6 hours of course work    Cost: $295

Register self-study $295

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Duration: 50 mins   Cost: $95

Anti-oppression Training

DURATION:  2 to 3 hours

Anti-oppression training involves leveraging an understanding of theory to make informed action that challenges and dismantles practices, policies, laws and standards that disadvantage specific groups or categories of people.

The course is scenario-driven training that will support you in integrating anti-oppression values and practices into your organization.


  • Defining oppression
  • Social location
  • Theory of oppression
  • Institutional oppression
  • Anti-oppression values and practices
  • Conducting an anti-oppression review

A lens for defining effective inclusion practices

Cultural Sensitivity

The foundation for culturally relevant and responsive teaching

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