Lunch-n-Learn Microtraining

Reap the benefits of a program that supports the values and goals of your business or institution while promoting wellness.

Mental health is more than just the absence of illness. It is about the development and nurturing of factors that lead to social-emotional wellness. 

  • 1improve morale
  • 2decrease anti-social behavior
  • 3promote safe and healthy relationships
  • 4increase personal satisfaction
  • 1Open & Honest communication for sales and teams
  • 2Bias free service
  • 3A measured response to poor performers
  • 4Using affective statements to create change
  • 5Achieving elusive goals

Our lunch-n-learn programs are designed to support well-being by helping participants acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude of a person who honors boundaries. 

in Person
  • 1two 20-minute sessions per day
  • 2easy-to-digest information
  • 3minimal setup
  • 4up to 25 persons/session
  • 1up to four 20-minute sessions per day
  • 2bring participants in remote locations together
  • 2accessible on all smart devices
  • 3up to 50 persons/session

Call us to book a microtraining - 1.866.377.0165

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