Customer Service: The big 5 competencies

The training is based on the philosophy that the common denominator in any organizational community is RELATIONSHIPS. The workshop will give you some practical tools and techniques that will help you improve your ability to build relationships with customers using the big 5 competencies. The entry points of the webinar are as follows:


Learning Objective

understand how to use the big 5 skills for outstanding customer service

Learning Outcome

develop thoughtful relationships with customers based on an understanding of the big 5


  • Introduction, agenda and outcomes
  • The big five competencies
  • Do I know the big picture?
  • Do I know how to establish an authentic connection?
  • Do I know how to deliver timely, accurate, and thorough service?
  • Do I know how to value and respond to unique needs?
  • Do I know how to repair and strengthen customer relationships?
  • Your action plan

webinar - customer service

A facilitated group or 1-on-1 webinar that will help you or your team adjust and align practice with your organization's core values. Outstanding customer service involves some simple common sense attitudes and behaviors. Participants engage with each topic through reflective inquiry which means the course is not a lecture or a collection of pithy tips.Two ways to attend:

  • Group starting at $25 per person - contact us