Managing emotions (anger management)

The training is based on the philosophy that personal growth comes when we take ownership of and set boundaries on our behavior. In addition, relationships work best when individuals focus on the impact of their behavior rather than intent.

The workshop will give the attendee some practical tools and techniques that will improve their ability to manage and express their emotions in a way that:

  • recognizes the power of emotions to create a hostile environment;
  • discerns (detects with the senses) the emotional boundaries (property line) of others;
  • reflects a professional persona.

webinar - workplace violence

A facilitated 1-on-1 webinar  - $375 plus HST/GST (3.5-hrs) - Register using a credit card or invoice

Workshop Outline


Learning Objective
understand the power of emotions to create a hostile work environment
Learning Outcome
acknowledge the need to set boundaries on their own emotions and behavior


Minds on: Civil behavior
It's about health and safety
My learning goal
What makes you angry?
Dealing with frustration and the power of your internal sentences
Using values to think Impact (how do others see me?)
The F.I.D.O. model: Steps to emotional intelligence


Learning Objective
communicate effectively with others in a way that respects their physical, emotional and psychological boundaries and avoids harassment or violence.
Learning Outcome
develop A+ self-talk that leads to positive choices when dealing with emotionally difficult situations;
set appropriate boundaries with others through the use of a dialogue skill set


Responsible conduct
Personal and professional boundaries
Reading the face part 1 & 2: Discerning the emotional temperature of an interaction

Three skills for managing anger and maintaining professional boundaries
Skill 1: Master the context by managing your attitude
Developing an A+ attitude – Taking control of your inner voice

Skill 2: Shifting your focus
Let’s not go to war: Setting boundaries through dialog

Skill 3: Respond with respect
Finding a solution: The Iceberg of conflict
Your personal development action plan – How can I establish boundaries around my behavior that is respectful?
How will I regulate my own behavior?

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