"The assignments and discussions help participants take ownership of their responsibility to make where they work a great place to be."


SENSITIVITY TRAINING - Instructor led webinar

The instructor led webinar is a one-on-one 5-hour course or a 2 to 4-hour group session. The one-on-one webinar can be split into two sessions lasting only 2.5 hours each. Webinar participants have completed the training in one-day or spread over one or more days. If split into two parts, we recommend each session be held on contiguous days or completing the course within one week. The sessions are scheduled at your convenience. We also provide a certificate of completion and a basic reporting of the session at no extra cost. Because the discussions within the course are confidential, the report is not a transcript and only outlines the content covered as well as the participants commitment to action.

Because of the interactive nature of the course, webinar participants can't hide. They must interact with the facilitator. The success of the program is driven by our focus on requiring participants to commit to taking ownership of their attitudes and behaviors. In addition, we suggest requiring attendees to take notes using a PDF notebook that we provide free of charge or using their own resources.

Click here to find an open, confidential, one-on-one time slot based on your time zone or use the link below to register. 

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cost: 405 + tax




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