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Sensitivity Training Workshop - is designed for professionals who desire to improve their ability to build relationships in the context of gender and ethnic diversity. The content is tailored to your organization's requirement. You can take the webinar and self-study course on the go by using an iPad or Android tablet.

In your line of business, relationships can be an asset or a serious liability. Employees who are insensitive, or abusive to others can become a serious burden to your organization. Proactive treatment can turn a potential liability into a high performance asset. Consider using the online Diversity & Sensitivity Training course as part of a conditional job offer or part of your orientation for new leaders. Click here to view the introduction to the self-study Sensitivity & Diversity Training demo. Contact us for pricing and access to the full online course for review. Please note: The content can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Read more...


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Sensitivity Training: Valuing Confidentiality and Patient Boundaries

The customized one-on-one 5-hour instructor led webinar will help participants build their inclination to make good faith choices when dealing with the information of those in care and to be consistently respectful of boundaries.


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Customer Service: The big 5 competencies

The training is based on the philosophy that the common denominator in any organizational community is RELATIONSHIPS. The workshop will give you some practical tools and techniques that will help you improve your ability to build relationships with customers using the big 5 competencies. 


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Aug 09
Becoming a better team presentation: and PDF version: (download to…

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Does sensitivity or diversity training work?”  is a question I often hear. At times, hearing the question is like the sound of a firecracker going off in a very tiny room made of concrete. It is not beneficial on any level. Even more, the question lends itself to a “why can’t we” mindset.  READ MORE...

In the role of sensitivity training facilitator, it is expected that you bring to the table an unbiased and objective outsider perspective, accompanied with professionally guided progressive discussions and exercises aimed at creating and improving sensitivity within work cultures. READ MORE...

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