What software and hardware do I need to participate in a webinar?


We use the Adobe Connect platform because of its ability to stream video directly to a participant's computer. All you require is a computer with a browser and an internet connection. After you have registered, we will provide you with a link to test your computer connection. Because the link does not reveal the course you are taking, it can be sent to your IT person to get the computer ready.

Any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


"The course resonated with the group."
"Thank you again for your wisdom and professionalism during our meeting and providing me with so many great tools that I have been implementing in my personal and professional life."
"At the time I thought it was insulting and patronizing that I had to attend this class but now I see I’m am exactly the kind of person who could benefit from it just by being receptive to it."
"I learned I had a lot to learn about boundaries."

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