Sensitivity Training

Confidential tailored training:

Breakview Training provides tailored workshops that create learning through dynamic discussions, guided practice, and the strategic use of assessment of learning. In addition, the format conveys the course information through guided reflection exercises, and several audio-visual segments. The discussions, models, and activities are designed to help participants think impact and to commit to authentically responsible conduct through:

  1. Self-awareness in order to manage self when dealing with visible and invisible differences;
  2. Unbiased processing;
  3. Appropriate self-disclosure; and
  4. Aligning personal values with organizational and community standards.

The proven format maximizes both the amount learned and the likelihood that you will successfully apply the course content.

From start to finish, the focus is on developing a personal action plan in order to solidify your commitment to an informed sensitive practice. The course is built around the most up to date research in the areas of social and cultural psychology, as well as cognitive ecology.

We use a 4-plus-1 competency framework to help participants identify and practice the skills, behaviors, and attitudes of individuals who honor boundaries in public and private spaces.

Instructor led webinar (1-on-1):

The instructor led webinar is a one-on-one 5 hour course split into 2 sessions lasting only 2.5 hours each. Webinar participants have completed the training in one-day or spread over one or more days. The sessions are scheduled at your convenience and can be held as a one-on-one or group session. We also provide a basic reporting of the session at no extra cost.

Because of the one-on-one nature of the course, webinar participants can't hide. They must interact with the facilitator. The success of the program is driven by our focus on requiring participants to commit to taking ownership of their attitudes and behaviors. In addition, we suggest requiring attendees to take notes using the notebook that we provide free of charge.

Benefits of using the webinar:


  1. Because of the one-on-one nature of the webinar, participants can't hide.
  2. Flexible dates and times
  3. Confidential one-on-one
  4. Action plan oriented
  5. Interactive content

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We use a sophisticated web conferencing platform that will allow the participant to successfully connect with the course content. 





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"The course resonated with the group."
"Thank you again for your wisdom and professionalism during our meeting and providing me with so many great tools that I have been implementing in my personal and professional life."
"At the time I thought it was insulting and patronizing that I had to attend this class but now I see I’m am exactly the kind of person who could benefit from it just by being receptive to it."
"I learned I had a lot to learn about boundaries."