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Does sensitivity training work?”  is a question I often hear. At times, hearing the question is like the sound of a firecracker going off in a very tiny room made of concrete. It is not beneficial on any level. Even more, the question lends itself to a “why can’t we” mindset.  READ MORE...

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction
    • Minds on activity: incivility in the workplace
    • What's my goal?
  • A model of human behavior: Your organization's culture
    • What determines the choices we make?
    • Developing a mental picture of boundaries in the workplace
  • Values exploration
    • Values statement: What's really important to me?
    • Role reversal: Let's think impact!
    • Using values to build productive relationships
    • How can I be real and not offend?
  • The pathway to sensitive practice
  • Workplace boundaries
    • Equality in the workplace
    • Harassment: A framework for thinking impact not intent
    • Humor in the workplace
    • Gender & disability bias
  • A Theory of bias: Developing a reflective and thoughtful practice
  • Five strategies for creating inclusion
  • Five strategies for building professional rapport
  • Listening to the face
  • Attitude is everything
  • Managing boundaries with dialogue
  • A measured response to poor performers
  • The iceberg nature of conflict
  • Dealing with team politics
  • Personal action plan

cost: £275

Self-study Agenda

  • Introduction & course overview
    • what is my goal exercise
  • Definitions exercise
  • Overview - Legal boundaries in the workplace
  • Managing personal bias
    • reflective practice & assignment
    • 5 strategies: racial, gender, religious, and sexual orientation bias
  • Sexual harassment & Psychological harassment
  • Incivility in the workplace
  • Three ingredients of a thoughtful workplace persona
    • attitude is everything & assignment
    • detecting the emotional subtext of an interaction
    • managing personal boundaries through dialogue
  • Boundaries communication model
  • The iceberg nature of conflict
  • A measured response to poor performers (leaders only)
  • Personal action plan

cost: £99

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